About BeOne

Founded in 2004, BeOne Group was built on the vast experience of a successful team of entrepreneurs who have been working together for decades. Our goal is to become one of the largest providers of first-class technology and process consulting services within the next few years.


We have high expectations with respect to the professional development of our employees and our client-related internal processes. BeOne trains industry experts to become consultants with a firm grasp of methods and processes.

Our consultants combine in-depth technical expertise with in-depth method expertise to provide a completely different kind of service.
Many years of experience are essential in order to combine these two areas. Consultants in this segment need to have a very firm grasp of the specific professional requirements as well as of the organizational specifics of the respective industry.

Company Profile

Built on experience…

BeOne is a group of rapidly expanding consulting firms. If you are looking for a solution for your technical or process-related issues, BeOne is a capable and professional partner. Our successful entrepreneurs with decades of experience were the foundation the group was built on. 

BeOne Groupconsists of:
companies an 3 locations
Founding year: 2004


BeOne Group GmbH is a majority shareholder in all other listed companies of the group.

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BeOne is member of the ALTEN Group 




Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct

We have summarised what we consider to be necessary to ensure honesty in relationships and correct behaviour in our ALTEN Code of Conduct. All personnel are to follow this Code of Conduct in all dealings with customers, suppliers and their colleagues; it is to serve as a guideline for all our activities. It applies to all personnel, including senior executives and management staff.

In addition to ensuring that we conform to legal requirements, the Code of Conduct also sets out standards of behaviour in connection with the protection of information, health and the environment, precepts that we have voluntarily committed ourselves to uphold.

We have derived these precepts from the Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, which our French parent company ALTEN S.A. undertook to comply with back in 2010.


Download ALTEN Code of Conduct (PDF)

The Ten Principles of the Global Compact in overview:


Our experience teaches us that there is more than one right way to accomplish something.
Every day, we re-examine our assumptions, and then we take what we have learned and combine that with fresh new ideas to find the best solution to meet each client’s individual needs. We want to take that same approach to our corporate mission and combine several philosophies here as well.


Our employees and our work are, in the best sense, conservative and modern at the same time. They are the heart and soul of this company.


Both the client and our company profit from our focus on creative passion, since it spawns smart new ideas. We promote passionate professionalism; we see ourselves as the hub and engine for the development and application of sophisticated technologies and procedures.

But the soul of BeOne rests on a solid bedrock of expertise from which reliable and precise solutions are developed. We align our work with client requirements und meet those requirements using maturity models and international development standards, among other benchmarks.

BeOne always looks at a problem from a variety of different perspectives, combines multiple approaches to a problem, and works hand in hand with the client to find the best possible solutions.
BeOne has created an environment where we consistently exceed the expectations of our clients, employees and partners – and this is what we strive for each and every day.



Our customers value BeOne’s neutrality and independence. We occasionally bring valued partners in on a project when a partnership can create added value for our customers.

Yves-Antoine Brun

Managing Director of BeOne Group GmbH


Evelyn Immegart

Managing Director of BeOne Service GmbH



Prior experience: Head of Administration of a consulting firm.

Experience in consulting since 1986.




Christoph Ries

Managing Director of BeOne Stuttgart GmbH



Prior experience: Division manager at a consulting firm.

Experience in consulting and IT since 1991.






Dr. Frank Welsch

Managing Director of BeOne Stuttgart GmbH



Prior experience: Division manager at a consulting firm.

Experience in consulting since 2002.
Experience in applied software development and simulation.




Bernd Zaiser

Managing Director of BeOne Service GmbH



Prior experience: CIO at a consulting firm.
Experience in consulting and IT since 1992